Maiz Transforma is in the ongoing search for raising quality of life standards of the inhabitants from the communities where its projects are carried out.

Throughout more than five decades, Maiz Transforma has worked passionately and responsibly on building spaces that serve the community, participating on important projects in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Central America and the United States, in partnership with renowned international companies.

Financial strength, innovation, high quality standards, latest technology and sustainable development are some of the elements that have created an important base of satisfied clients as well as market recognition as an industry leader capable of transforming ideas and desires into reality.

Ing. Alejandro Maiz Mier y Lic. Fernando Maiz. Fundadores Maiz Transforma

Ing. Alejandro Maiz Mier & Lic. Fernando Maiz. Founders of Maiz Transforma


‘Being an inclusive leader of strategic resources for the development, implementation and execution of cutting-edge projects.’


‘Transforming spaces, building with responsibility cutting-edge projects for institutional clients.’








Maiz Transforma commits to transform spaces by BUILDING RESPONSIBLY®, developing innovative projects that satisfy our client’s requirements through our Quality Management System, and continuously improving and overseeing our Quality Objectives.


Since 1962, we have participated in the construction industry as Maiz Edificaciones, under the entrepreneurial vision of our founder Ing. Alejando Maiz Mier. Under the direction of Lic. Fernando Maiz Garza, the group adopts the identity of Maiz Transforma focusing on the idea of Integral Customer Service.
As a consolidated institution with high quality standards, we have participated nationally and internationally in various construction sectors, meeting our clients demands in areas such as: industrial, commercial, vertical buildings, data centers, power generation plants, critical mission, developments, corporate offices and urbanization.

Maiz Transforma has made a competitive difference based on three fundamental pillars:

  • The legacy of our founders: Building Responsibly.
  • The talent and passion of its employees who represent their most important asset in the execution of projects.
  • The need to work through synergy with their clients to ensure mutual efficiencies and benefits.

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